Amy Tan talks about where creativity hides, she mentions how she believes they come from three sources, nature, nightmares, and nurture. She goes on and explains each one by sharing us stories about her past experiences. When she was talking about nightmares I could understand what she was saying, sometimes something very traumatic happens in your life that since its in your mind constantly it changes the way you think for example when she explained what happened to her brother and father and then told us how her mom thought it was going to happen to Amy next and then her, something so traumatic can influence your train of thoughts very drastically. Talking about nurture I completely agreed with what she was saying but mostly because nurture is who you are, how you are raised, the people that surround you, the things you saw and heard when you where young define you as a person and have everything to do with how your mind works hence influencing your creativity. Although I’m saying I agree I had never really thought about it that way, this really opened my eyes and makes me now look at creative people differently and ask myself why are you creative? What has happened in your life that has made you that way or where you just born like that? Like when she talked about nature, how another cause of creativity was actual diseases that change your way of thinking, this is very true because if someone is suffering from depression maybe all their thoughts are dark and sad which will influence her creativity and will come off the same, dark and sad. I really liked this TED talk it taught me a lot and made me realize a lot of interesting things that I would have never thought of on my own before.

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