In A Whole New World by Daniel H. Pink, Pink describes how we are moving into a new era that requires more creators and empathizers. I do think that people that are creative are having an effect on this world that we are living in but I don’t think that in a few years it will revolve around them. I do agree though when he states that if you don’t do well in the SAT everything for your future is blocked and that “those roadblocks can exclude people with aptitudes that the SAT doesn’t measure.” (59). I think this is very true and a massive mistake in society, I do believe SAT’s work but I don’t think they work to their full potential, I found fascinating that a Yale University psychology professor is trying to include “the rainbow project” into the SAT measuring other aptitudes that the SAT doesn’t. It was incredible to read and realize hoe much the art industry has grown tremendously over the past century. The three questions one has to ask oneself made total sense to me and realized how it actually applies to everything someone tries to get out there into the world, one has to ask themselves those 3 questions and if the answer to them is wrong them you have to think of a way to fix it because without one you have nothing. I would have to disagree on the fact that people are more empathetic now, I don’t see a reason why that would be, people are people and empathy is part of human nature. This was a great read that made me think deep into the world surrounding me and how its changing every second.


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