The music video of “Black Man in a White World” is so good, I loved the fact that its all in black and white and he is talking about how he is a black man in a white world being the only on in the city and the only movement we see in the video other than the two cars crashing into each other which focuses on one part of the music where is changes. I think this video has a lot of meanings to it, it was interesting how everything was still except for him. He was dancing and then started floating which I took as like he didn’t feel included so that’s why he was going up but then at the end it shows him falling from the sky so maybe its saying how he is a black man in a white world and can’t do anything about because that’s just the way it is. The song was repetitive too with the name of the song which makes it get stuck to you faster and can easier sing along to it. I think the whole video is very interesting in the fact that it has a deeper meaning to it even though the song is already deep because its talking about a problem that is very real in our world.

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