It took me a few watches and a little bit of thinking to get some meaning out of this video. The first time I watched it I didn’t see much to it, but as I watched it again and again I could see the deepness to it growing and becoming richer. I changed the speed on the video and watched it slower and faster, as I watched it slower I could see each work of art slower and could analyze every individual piece, once I sped it up a bit it all became one big piece of art, the incorporated with each other so beautifully that it was eye opening realizing I had found art in something I wouldn’t have usually. It can make people think of so many different things, it can have so many meanings and emotions to it and that’s why its such an exciting piece. One can look at it and feel anger, another can feel excitement, another can feel confusion and so on. The fact that it has no sound also confused me at first but now I have come to the conclusion the artist put one hundred percent of your attention on your sight, none of the other senses are being used other than your sight, which is also why it leaves the opportunity to interpreted it in so many different ways. i.e. if this video would have a fast-heavy metal loud song it would become a whole completely different piece. Not knowing if it is intentional or not but while watching it very closely I could even see figures forming but once I pressed pause they where gone and it was just a splash of colors. Like stated above this piece of art is open to so many interpretations its insane and that’s why it is so unique.

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