Being someone who does not have experience with cameras and photography, reading “The Photograph” really got me thinking about the depth of the art that the camera creates in the form of a picture with the help and experience of the Photographer. It made me realize there is so much more to every picture taken, that distinct colors create a different vibe and that the “decoding” of the images could go on forever. Now I know that black and white pictures create a sort of tension that colored pictures could never create. This reading made me see that everyone will not only see art differently but it will make them feel different. This concept shown in the reading is difficult to understand especially for someone like me who is barely starting but I think that once I master it and include it into my work, my work will show a drastically difference. Starting visual arts off with this new way of thinking I know will improve my motive behind the photographs and art I will be creating and will enrich my pictures with life and purpose.

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