It took me a few watches and a little bit of thinking to get some meaning out of this video. The first time I watched it I didn’t see much to it, but as I watched it again and again I could see the deepness to it growing and becoming richer. I changed the speed on the video and watched it slower and faster, as I watched it slower I could see each work of art slower and could analyze every individual piece, once I sped it up a bit it all became one big piece of art, the incorporated with each other so beautifully that it was eye opening realizing I had found art in something I wouldn’t have usually. It can make people think of so many different things, it can have so many meanings and emotions to it and that’s why its such an exciting piece. One can look at it and feel anger, another can feel excitement, another can feel confusion and so on. The fact that it has no sound also confused me at first but now I have come to the conclusion the artist put one hundred percent of your attention on your sight, none of the other senses are being used other than your sight, which is also why it leaves the opportunity to interpreted it in so many different ways. i.e. if this video would have a fast-heavy metal loud song it would become a whole completely different piece. Not knowing if it is intentional or not but while watching it very closely I could even see figures forming but once I pressed pause they where gone and it was just a splash of colors. Like stated above this piece of art is open to so many interpretations its insane and that’s why it is so unique.


The music video of “Black Man in a White World” is so good, I loved the fact that its all in black and white and he is talking about how he is a black man in a white world being the only on in the city and the only movement we see in the video other than the two cars crashing into each other which focuses on one part of the music where is changes. I think this video has a lot of meanings to it, it was interesting how everything was still except for him. He was dancing and then started floating which I took as like he didn’t feel included so that’s why he was going up but then at the end it shows him falling from the sky so maybe its saying how he is a black man in a white world and can’t do anything about because that’s just the way it is. The song was repetitive too with the name of the song which makes it get stuck to you faster and can easier sing along to it. I think the whole video is very interesting in the fact that it has a deeper meaning to it even though the song is already deep because its talking about a problem that is very real in our world.


Amy Tan talks about where creativity hides, she mentions how she believes they come from three sources, nature, nightmares, and nurture. She goes on and explains each one by sharing us stories about her past experiences. When she was talking about nightmares I could understand what she was saying, sometimes something very traumatic happens in your life that since its in your mind constantly it changes the way you think for example when she explained what happened to her brother and father and then told us how her mom thought it was going to happen to Amy next and then her, something so traumatic can influence your train of thoughts very drastically. Talking about nurture I completely agreed with what she was saying but mostly because nurture is who you are, how you are raised, the people that surround you, the things you saw and heard when you where young define you as a person and have everything to do with how your mind works hence influencing your creativity. Although I’m saying I agree I had never really thought about it that way, this really opened my eyes and makes me now look at creative people differently and ask myself why are you creative? What has happened in your life that has made you that way or where you just born like that? Like when she talked about nature, how another cause of creativity was actual diseases that change your way of thinking, this is very true because if someone is suffering from depression maybe all their thoughts are dark and sad which will influence her creativity and will come off the same, dark and sad. I really liked this TED talk it taught me a lot and made me realize a lot of interesting things that I would have never thought of on my own before.


In A Whole New World by Daniel H. Pink, Pink describes how we are moving into a new era that requires more creators and empathizers. I do think that people that are creative are having an effect on this world that we are living in but I don’t think that in a few years it will revolve around them. I do agree though when he states that if you don’t do well in the SAT everything for your future is blocked and that “those roadblocks can exclude people with aptitudes that the SAT doesn’t measure.” (59). I think this is very true and a massive mistake in society, I do believe SAT’s work but I don’t think they work to their full potential, I found fascinating that a Yale University psychology professor is trying to include “the rainbow project” into the SAT measuring other aptitudes that the SAT doesn’t. It was incredible to read and realize hoe much the art industry has grown tremendously over the past century. The three questions one has to ask oneself made total sense to me and realized how it actually applies to everything someone tries to get out there into the world, one has to ask themselves those 3 questions and if the answer to them is wrong them you have to think of a way to fix it because without one you have nothing. I would have to disagree on the fact that people are more empathetic now, I don’t see a reason why that would be, people are people and empathy is part of human nature. This was a great read that made me think deep into the world surrounding me and how its changing every second.



Being someone who does not have experience with cameras and photography, reading “The Photograph” really got me thinking about the depth of the art that the camera creates in the form of a picture with the help and experience of the Photographer. It made me realize there is so much more to every picture taken, that distinct colors create a different vibe and that the “decoding” of the images could go on forever. Now I know that black and white pictures create a sort of tension that colored pictures could never create. This reading made me see that everyone will not only see art differently but it will make them feel different. This concept shown in the reading is difficult to understand especially for someone like me who is barely starting but I think that once I master it and include it into my work, my work will show a drastically difference. Starting visual arts off with this new way of thinking I know will improve my motive behind the photographs and art I will be creating and will enrich my pictures with life and purpose.