Math Lab Tutoring Services Move Online

The Math Lab has moved online for the Spring 2020 semester!

Our online hours starting Monday, March 30th:
Monday-Thursday 1-6pm (CST)
Friday 1-4pm (CST)

We will be closed on Saturdays and Sundays. We will close for the semester on Friday, May 1st at 4pm. We will not be open during finals week.

We will offer tutoring remotely using Google Chat. All sessions will function like an online drop-in tutoring session. We’ll be able to help through chat, video and sharing screens.

Students who have attended the Math Lab at least once this semester have been sent an invite through their St. Edward’s email account to join the Math Lab group for their class. Students who need an invite should email with subject line “Please add me to Google Chat XXXX” with their course number.

How to use the online Math Lab:
– Request access to the Math Lab through the instructions above. (When the lab is open, you should get added within a couple minutes.)
– The tutors working will bounce between the rooms to answer questions.
– Upon entering the chat for your class, please tell us your name and if you’re ready for help.

Courses the online Math Lab tutors:
Math 0309, Math 1312, Math1314, Math1324, Math2312, Math2413, Math2414*

*Not all of our tutors have taken Calculus II. Prioritize your professor’s office hours and check back here shortly to see a schedule that shows when Calculus II help is available. (You’re welcome to come into the lab at any time to see if someone is there that can help!)

Questions? Comments? Email the director, Ms. Cicciarelli at You can leave anonymous feedback for us at here.

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