Purple Comet Results

The solutions for Purple Comet have been released, and with them our scores.  The final results are:

Faculty: 13 Correct

Students: 5 Correct

This semester, the Faculty have won, but not by a huge margin. For a complete breakdown of solutions, I’ve created a spreadsheet.

Pi Day Celebration

Happy Pi Day!

Today is 3/14, also known as Pi(=3.14…) Day.  The Math Department celebrated this momentous day early this year on March 7th, referred to as “Poorly Approximated Pi Day.”

Students and Faculty enjoyed 4 pi(e)s  (made by Dr. Mitch and Dr. Phillipson) and ice cream. Dr. Kaitlyn Phillipson also led an activity on constructing modular origami.  Several dedicated students stayed well into the evening to work together to assemble an icosahedron. Here is a link to a photo album.

Thank you to Math Club and Dr. Mitch for organizing and advertising the event.  

TUMC Trip 2016

Dr. Mitch Phillipson and Dr. Kaitlyn Phillipson brought 12 students to the Texas Undergraduate Math Conference (TUMC) at Lamar University in Beaumont October 7-8, a new St. Edward’s record!  The students attended a variety of undergraduate research talks as well as two plenary talks.  Of the 12 students, four presented on their research:

  • Crisel Suarez – Winning Strategies at TETRIS (as part of her research with Dr. Jason Callahan)
  • Stephanie Thrash – Mathematical Analysis of Voting (as part of her REU project at Grand Valley State)
  • Maria Mota – Combinatorics in Candy Crush (as part of her summer research with Dr. Jason Callahan)
  • Amira Mahler – American Roulette: How Long Can you Play? (as part of her summer research with Dr. Jason Callahan)

The remaining 8 students were:

  • Valeria Gonzalez
  • Jacob Belmares
  • Sarah Goldrup
  • Bianca “B” Salinas
  • Joshua Saldivar
  • Ayesha Gonzalez
  • Daniel Sanchez
  • Adrian Silva

Congratulations to all students and faculty who attended, we’ve set a high bar that will be hard to pass next year.

Here is a link to all the pictures from the conference: Link