Senior Seminar Spring 2020

Congratulations to our seven math majors who presented the results of their four semesters of math research at our Spring 2020 Mathematics Senior Seminar on February 28:

  • Adam Lamoureux – “Balancing the Coin Toss Advantage in the NFL”
  • Antonio Tapia – “Discrete Bidding in the Game of Connect $n$”
  • Karlee Bradley – “Permutation Pattern Containment”
  • Nathaniel Leech – “Planning a Shared Meal: Adding a Pinch of Thyme”
  • Rafael Montes – “The Valley Of Functions”
  • Samuel Johnson – “Dynamics of Paper Folding”
  • Sydney Mack – “Bounded Chomp”

Congrats again — we’re so proud and excited for all the wonderful things you all will do!

Link to an album of pictures

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