Math majors give Senior Seminar presentations

Congratulations to our six graduating math majors who presented the results of their four semesters of math research at our Fall 2019 Mathematics Senior Seminar on November 1:

  • Adrian Silva Jr, “Charting the SET Universe”
  • Alyxandria Garcia, “Counting Liars and Their Lies”
  • Austin Scully, “Cyclic Towers of Hanoi”
  • Jacob Spencer, “Examining Square Ratios of Triangular Numbers in Pascals Triangle”
  • Jennifer Garcia Villanueva, “Lattice Point Visibility for a Diamond Configuration”
  • Omar¬†Dominguez, “Investigating Racial Gerrymandering”

Congrats again — we’re so proud and excited for all the wonderful things y’all will do!

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