GDES 3304 end of semester wrap up

In my map, I mapped out my general process for how I try to go forward with each project. The biggest problem I face with design is usually the sequence of events. I understand that planning is the biggest part of any project, but there are times when I think I can make it without fully planning everything out. When I do manage to plan everything out like type, font, color scheme, size and the like, it becomes much easier to manage. I suppose a part of this has to do with procrastination. Dedicated planning like this takes time, and often, I push whatever isn’t absolutely imperative to the back of my mind until it becomes absolutely imperative to the point that it can be overwhelming. I think that planning is my biggest struggle at this point in time. I’ve been juggling the literary magazine and all of my classes and my on-campus job, so there are usually enough things going on in my head that the only way I can think to accomplish everything I need to is by prioritizing and doing things just before they need to be done. I feel like I’m giving it my all just to get by, and for all the effort I’m putting in, I’m not overly enthused with the outcome. I’m proud of what I can accomplish, but I know that I could do better if I could just plan more or make more time and prioritize in a better way.



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