SoCo Shapes: Reflection

Before I had even begun taking pictures for this project, I’d decided that my focus would be on rocks. I had always held a kind of awe and appreciation for rocks, and as such was certain that it would be a phenomenal experience to see all the different ways that they had been incorporated in the structure of today’s society.

However, once I actually started taking the photos, my eyes caught on multiple different things throughout South Congress, and I found myself taking pictures of things that both specifically stuck out to me and things that vividly amused my friends. The most particular picture that would represent these is the photo of a drill machine sticking up out of the hole in a curved pipe. The drill bit fit perfectly within the top hole, and it just appeared so bizarre that it would’ve been a sin not to take a picture.

Once I had begun to stray from the overall theme I’d had in mind, the pictures began to come more easily, and once the clouded mindset of the fact that this was a project for school had dispersed, I started to enjoy taking pictures. Every picture I snapped captured the feeling and the memory at that particular time, laughing and delighting in the things SoCo had to offer.

Each time I’d gone back to the pictures, I smiled. And it was then I realized the theme that fit the pictures: Shapes. Not just for the geometric and artistic-based shapes prominently displayed within the settings, but also for the manifestation of the friendship that had begun to take root. One that I could tell wouldn’t be so easily dispersed.

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