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In Maya Angelou’s Reunion, the tone of the story can be described as melancholic. There’s bitterness in the words of the main character as she reflects on her past shaped by the constant juxtaposition of her life against Beth’s. There… Continue Reading →

Blog Post #11

Professor Robinson talked about how her children influenced her art. She showed gifs and pictures of art they have made. Professor Vitone showed photographs he had taken of his family and talked about the meaning behind his style of photography… Continue Reading →

Blog Post #10

The two people that spoke to our seminar class on Friday were a married couple who work in the game industry. They are currently working on a video game they are developing with a team of about 4 people. During… Continue Reading →

Blog Post #9

The alumni presentations featured 4 former students of St. Edward’s giving presentations about how they are pursuing their careers after graduating. The alumni didn’t graduate all together, so we were able to hear the perspective of people just getting their… Continue Reading →


  This podcast focuses on the passage of time, and mostly, the backwards passage of time. Some of the people interviewed seem to want to travel back in time to the “good ‘ol days”. To me, I believe the restoration… Continue Reading →


  I believe this piece, The Way Things Go, represents cause and effect. It represents the ebb and flow of time. The slow build-up of events that suddenly topple things over and start things anew. The repeating themes such as… Continue Reading →


In this TED talk, David Blane talks about the arduous process he went through to break the world record for longest time anyone has held their breath. This is an incredible feat, but the message of this video is how… Continue Reading →


  Guitar Moves with Keith Richards Keith Richards is known for being the guitarist for the Rolling Stones. He has inspired countless people to pick up a guitar as well as several different bands, including the Gorillaz, who’s bass guitarist… Continue Reading →

Blog Post #8

Part #1 The presentations given by the faculty were highly interesting. The most memorable for me was the presentation about the artwork made from normal objects that were transformed in photoshop into an array of psychedelic colors and shapes. During… Continue Reading →


Rhymus 21 Rhymus 21 is an experimental film created by Hans Richter. Upon research into Hans Richter’s background, I discovered that he was a German artist that claimed to create the first abstract film. He believed that an artist’s duty… Continue Reading →

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