1. What is the “thing”?
After looking at the files that were inside the mystery folder, the “thing” looks to be a conference for the Fulbright program and scholars. Many of the logos in the folder come from universities that probably offer opportunities for the Fulbright program, and other logos that are not from universities are probably business sponsors of the program. Also within the mystery folder is a subfolder with images of people. I think that these people are previous and/or current Fulbright scholars.

2. What can I design for the “thing”?
For the Fulbright celebration/conference, the first thing I thought of that could be designed for it would be a poster. The poster would most likely be sent through digital platforms such as emails or social media, but a print version could also be made in addition to digital ones.

3. What is the order or process to design the “thing”?
First and foremost, I would need to know basic direction information for the conference. Things like the physical venue and the date and time. From there, any particularly important guest speakers would need to have their names on the poster, as well as the sponsors for the conference. Because the conference is for the Fulbright program, the Fulbright program logo will definitely need to be shown. Once the necessary information is gathered, I will need to figure out the hierarchy of putting it on a poster design. What is placed at the top, in bigger text? At the bottom in smaller text? What goes in the middle? An image? A series of images? Whatever I choose will have to be interesting, but clean for the sake of a quick read.

4. How granular? What’s the big picture? What details to include?
As a notification for a conference, I imagine that there should be quite a bit of information included on the poster so that recipients know what to expect. At the same time, it should look clean and easy to read, not cluttered and busy. For example, is the venue a well known location, or will a map thumbnail need to be included? Can the time and date be represented through an icon, or does it need to be spelled out in text? How many guest speakers? What is the color palette, even? It should match the theme of the event, the location, and/or the Fulbright program’s official logo, that much I know.