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A new way of thinking for a new age is a lofty goal. It’s true that the prominence of creative thinking has skyrocketed in the last century or so but in reality, people have always had to be creative. Necessity is the mother of invention didn’t just appear out of nowhere. People have always had to think on their feet and be on the bleeding edge of technology no matter how primitive technology was at the time. Only now is this way of thinking being glorified. Supply and demand existed long before global economies and the information age, it’s just a matter of perspective. 

High tech and high touch is just a prettier way of saying what people have been doing sense the dawn of time. Thinking otherwise is highly ignorant and pitiable. Sure, technology and social climates have changed but the wants and needs haven’t. People have and will continue to want bigger better and cheaper.  

If it’s taken the world this long to realize that empathy and general powers of perception are important to all walks of life then something is very wrong. People need to be able to reason just as much as they need to be able thinking critically. Understanding is just as the application, if you can’t apply it practically then clearly your missing something and you need to rethink how you’re going about the task.  

Reading this has me extremely frustrated, the author has presented this new high thinking like it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. People weren’t automatons that could only focus on a single task without any room for growth or change. That’s just not how the world works. People are always growing and changing, adapting to new stimuli and needs. Nothing about that is revolutionary or new it’s all about the practicality, Shakespeare couldn’t have done what he did without the finical backing he got from his sponsor and the only reason he got that backing was because he was really good at what he did and his work as incredibly important. 

It’s the same thing with graphic designers and artist today. The work is important and if it want up to quality standards then you flop. Though this argument can be applied to every field of work, blue and white collar. It’s not left or right brain thinking that gets you places it’s how you practically apply all your knowledge and experiences.             

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