Katie Mannix 

Fall 2017 

VISU 1311 

 Reflection: Stellar by Dan Brackage (1993) 

Stellar didn’t do a great deal for me as an affecting piece of art, at least not positively. The colors were beautiful, and the imagery was lovely in that it did look stellar and like images from deep space. That being said, the frequency and chaotic movement of the images at such a quick pace was something I found to be upsetting. The flashing images lent themselves to reminding me of my general anxiety. Visual stimulus is something I can be very picky about, and more often than not I prefer something calm, slow moving, and soothing. Again, the colors and composition of the images were lovely. I would have liked to see them as stills. But the rapid movement and cuts from image to image was something that personally didn’t serve me well. Perhaps if I were in a different mood or headspace, they could be better received. But upon first viewing, the changes images were too much of a distraction from the color and composition, and I felt anxious watching the film. Perhaps that’s what the artist was going for, who knows, but art that induces anxiety for me is rarely something I want to embrace or revisit. I spend enough of my energy creating my own anxiety, and usually seek out pieces of art that can calm those feelings.

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