Semester Wrap up

mind map-21kyj11

I am personally critical of my work because of my designs and how I do not feel I take them far enough so that they come across successfully. I think you would wonder why I make certain decisions like color or type. I also think you would wonder why I did not do as much advance type as I should of.



My theme when designing the Fulbright Conference program was to mimic “order”, “connectivity”, and “hardworking”. The graphics are all based off of hexagon geometric shapes like that found in honeycombs. The hexagons then all connected at different angles with lines or right next to one another. The graphics were to symbolize the structure of the program with the connectivity that the reach of the program provides to the world and the hard work of the researchers. The colors chosen were a yellow with a blue and red as accent colors to highlight needed information or outline designs for clearer effects.

I designed the cover to be an introduction to the theme with both corners having a starting location that branched out through the hexagon shape and lines. Throughout the program the theme is continued with structure and connection of the graphics visible.

The context used for the book is nice and orderly with a clear path that leads the reading onto the next section. All the information is clean and easy to comprehend. Usability and organization allows for the easier interaction with the read so that they obtain the needed information in the fastest manner.


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