The Mystery

What the project is?

The Fulbright Association is having a conference. We are promoting before and providing things for the actual day of the event.

What needs to be make?

Conference Poster, Timeline layout of the day, presenters (talker’s) poster/introduction pamphlets about the person, round table locations, map of conference with location specific events. Possibly video (after effects) slideshow of the event/ times of events.

In what order should things be developed?

The conference poster should be made first. You want to have a solid image by the time its done for anything else you create. Next you would want to work on presenter introductions or  presenter boards to place at the entrance of the conference. After we need maps done to give out to the audience so they know where they going. Lastly you would do a video if you wanted to. If you did, you would either create it with old photos/videos or a creative presentation of the information being discussed in the future or create a video as the conference goes on.


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