The interface was a layout design of a writing app that would be used on a phone for specific groups of people. I chose to work towards teachers and make the design simple and easy to create things on the go. My design focused on having big simple icons and nice pre made templates that can be accessed for easy development. My design also incorporated color and the neutral blues that are inviting and stress free for the user.

Graphic Design 1- Midterm Assessment Essay


Kasey- Final symbols

Overall I feel that my two of my three vinyl cuts were presentable. My use of practice time during the process was uneven. I did a lot of work in class and about 2 hours in the lab Tuesday and Thursday when I did not have class. I also spent about an hour in the lab on Sundays. I brainstormed a lot with Pinterest and to generate ideas for word selection as well as some basic ideas for designs. However, I feel like I should have spent even more time collecting expert hours. Like I said earlier, I feel that two vinyls out of three were presentable in the end. I felts that one of my vinyl’s was not finished and definitely could have been worked on more. As far as the vinyl cutter, it took some time to make sure that the cuts were good but in the end I was able to make sure that the cuts to my final was good and precise. I feel that the first critique that we got feedback for I did not really use because what I presented was not the best production. They were really basic and not well put together. I ended up making whole new designs that really did not go at all with the ones presented. The second critique I listened a lot more to the feedback that was given because I had “solid” designs that I was sure that I was going to continue to use and develop. I feel that the level of challenge that I gave myself was about medium. At the beginning I do not think I challenged myself enough to generate good, solid designs. As the project progressed, I became more judgmental about my designs and challenged myself to make them the best versions that they could. As far as other experiences go, I really only used the things we did in class. However, at the same time we were doing this project I was also working on designs for posters for the Students for Sustainability events that I made in illustrate. As far as social emotional development goes, I feel that I was in the middle or “young”. While doing the project I tried hard to stay focused and use others feedback to better my design. However there were times when I got stressed and angry when the design was not looking how I wanted it to; throwing a little internal temper tantrum about why I was unable to produce the product that I wanted. As for the last component, I feel that I contributed to the climate of the classroom when we did critiques by giving insight on some people’s logos and talking with the people around me in class. I definitely could have helped more by giving even more feedback to people and not just the same people that were around me. I also could have talked more when we tried to answer questions about the project and our views and ideas on them. Overall I feel like all of the components together and the final product will be equivalent to a medium or high C (74-79).

Symbol Methodology

Kasey- Final symbols

The symbols focused on our development overtime to generate interesting designs for a word that could be plotted from Illustrator. I focused on combining original elements that we had created earlier to make a clear point for my word. A big part was learning to plotter and how to make the designs come out with correct cuts.