Blog Post 6 Skill inventory

My greatest strength in Visual Studies includes my determination to continue a project even if I don’t understand or like it. For greater success in the class I need to have some better self esteem for my work.

My greatest strength in Rhetoric and Composition includes by habit of going over my work 3-4 times before I even think about submitting it. For greater success in the class I need to increase my vocabulary, strengthen my grammar, and work on my sentence structure.

My greatest strength in my Freshman lecture is the fact that I actually read and to the homework for the class. For greater success in the class I need to go over my notes a few more times before class.

My greatest strength in my Visual seminar is the i’m actively listening and am on top of the blog post for the class. For greater success in the class, after the lecture I should go and look up some more information about what we were talking about that day.

My greatest strength in my Intro to Sustainability class in my determination and interest in the course. For greater success in the class I need to study more and get better at typing up debates.

My greatest strength in my Asian traditions class is my interest in the culture and my habit to ask random and yet useful questions. For greater success in the class I need to study more and review tons before a test/quiz.

My computer skills include word, Excell, Powerpoint,  Adobe Illustrate, Photoshop, Lightroom, and Bridge. I still need to learn more about each of the programs and all the short cuts to make work faster.

My greatest strength as a researcher and writer is  my determination to find the best sources and to read and reread everything until I am positive that it is what I want. I need to work on my writing skills overall though. I am very weak in writing as far a sentence structures, grammar, tone, and word diction. Things that make a good paper respectable among peers.

I learn best and accomplish most when I am alone with headphones in my ears(music or not) and am aware of the time limit that I have to motivate me.


  1. Do the readings in the books about how to do citations and sentences structure.
  2. Go back and learn the basics. What a noun, verb, adverb is and be able to identify them.
  3. Read more books.
  4. Find a writing style that works for me.
  5. When writing papers, try to find better diction to incorporate.
  6. Have different people look over my work and have them comment on it.
  7. Continue to visit the professor about questions and ways to help.
  8. research what I am writing about more than is necessary to get a better angle on the paper.
  9. Work hard, even when it doesn’t seem like anything is going to come out of it.
  10. Read, Reread, and reread again until I can find absolutely no mistakes and then reread it again!


This is a picture of my 3D and 2D parts for my visual studies collages that we have to make for class . This project needs work because I have a lot of the different pieces cut out but I don’t have them assembled and not positive as to where I want to put them. I honestly need to just sit down and play with the different pieces to see what I can create.


Research Blog Post- Floris Van Breugel

I love these pictures taken by Floris Van Breugel. I love how he makes nature almost look like a magical land that tells a story all on its own. Van Breugel is a doctor at the University of Washington with a B.S. in Biological and Environmental Engineering and a Ph.D in Control and Dynamial Systems. Although Van Breugel does not have a degree in photography, he sees it as a big part of his life. His style of photography is effected by his different hobbies of painting, guitar, and engineering. I’m amazed at how Van Breugel is able to capture nature that we know is real but almost feels like a moment from a dream. His work appeals to be personally because I love natural beauty that people see everyday but don’t take in and Van Breugel definitely sees that beauty.