Upperclassman blog critiques

First was Brandy. Her blog was easy to access and looked very professional. I personally felt like there was not a lot of work on the blog but then again it is always better to have quality over quantity.

Next was Maria. Her blog was very interesting. I liked the layout of the page but I did not like how you had to scroll down to chose on what you wanted to see. I would have put them at the top so it is quick and easy access.

Next was Mary Helen. Her was a working process but it looked like she knew what she wanted. I personally did not like they layout that she was going for but it is her blog so she needs to express herself through it.

Last was Loral (? not sure if it is spelled right). Her blog was also a working process but just like Mary Helen’s it looked like she knew what she wanted.

Self-Critiques blog #3

1) The strongest aspect of this work is the angles of the photographs and how they help add Gestalts concepts.

2) The weakest aspect of this work is the struggle of connecting the pictures to Gestalts concepts to present to the class.

3) The composition/form can be improved by the focus of the pictures.

4)The pictures can be strengthened conceptually by deciding on a concept of Gestalts and focus on that so that the pictures start to fully show the concept.

5)The pictures can be strengthened technically by working with the settings of the camera more to get different focuses.

Current Classwork


For this assignment, we were asked to take pictures of different Gestalt elements that we saw done South Congress.


I went about this assignment by just taking pictures that interested me down South Congress. After that I looked at the pictures again and tries to see which ones had one (if not more) of Gestalt’s elements in it.