Creativity and Making_Tan

I have recently listened to a TED talk by Amy Tan titled Where Does Creativity Hide? It talks about certain attributes that indicate possible creativity, as well as how to bring up creativity from the person.

In the beginning, she was listing all the known attributes in people that have contributed to artists and creative thinkers throughout the ages. Some listed were being born with creativity, learning/having tools for creativity, or having mental disorders/trauma in your life.

One quote that stuck out to me that she said in her speech is, “Save a man from drowning and you’re responsible to him for life.” This stuck out to me because in some cases, this is true, as if you get into somebody else’s business then it may stick with you throughout your life. I have had many experiences with such that some events or situations may alter or change your life, for better or worse, because you didn’t necessarily belong in the situation.

This TED talk was interesting for me since it goes through what happens that makes people creative, and it definitely gave me some insight on how mine and other people’s creativity may have been bought up as they developed and learned how to create things. It was great hearing about this theory of where creativity can come from in life, and in the mind, as well.

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