Creativity and Making: Pink

The reading I’ve done for this time was “High Concept, High Touch”, and Chapter in Daniel Pink’s A Whole New Mind, which talks about the technological and conceptual evolution in how the human works. It goes into how to survive in the modern economy we live in today.

One of the things that stuck out to me in this reading is when the author talks about how to survive in this day and age with business, that you should do something that no computer can do faster, what no overseas person can do cheaper, and what is in demand. I think about this because that’s what it take to prosper, as many companies and businesses don’t like to pay for labor unless someone or a group of people are really good at it/have major skill. That’s what it takes in order to survive, just having the skill or giving needs and wants in order be able to appeal to people and grab attention.

The other thing that stuck out to me was when the author started talking about IQ and how it really relates to people getting a career. When the statistic shown in the text of how IQ affects career success came out to 4-10 percent, it shows how much IQ shown in standardized tests really means to whether people will succeed or not. In a way, as I thought of it, it showed how while some people may be bad at the standard testing process, they could still come out successful in other fields, especially creative and even professional ones. How well you do in school does not determine if you will prosper out in the real world.

With this narrative talking about money, survival in the modern world, and how the human thinking process works in different ways, I’ve found this reading has got me thinking about the career world and how to prosper.

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