Creativity and Making: Hara

What I have read from that will be talked about is Kenya Hara’s What is Design? This reading talks about how the concept of design has evolved, mainly with modern Western influence on the world.

One part I have really paid attention to was when the author talks about the beginning of human design. It goes back to when our early ancestors started walking on two feet, which made them able to do other stuff with two free hands, which lead to tools and intelligence being built upon to change their world. When humanity made these tools, from then they went to make weapons in order to hunt, farming tools to help gather food, and tools to build shelters with. Design has been with us to help us know what we can do to better our lives and how we can alter our environment to better fit us.

One topic that popped out was when the author mentions the Romantic Era, where during the Industrial Revolution, people were against mass production of goods by machine, which often turned out crude, but due to meeting the demands of consumers by mass-producing, the machines were never taken down. However, this did set a spark for a group of people who were designers and craftsmen into creating movements for keeping design alive. The Romantic Era has then put a significant effect on how creativity and design exists nowadays, up until how we now work with designs in the modern days.

Overall, this reading was one that made me think about the origin of design and how we got around to not just starting, but evolving design to the modern days. It continues to evolve to this day, so we can only see what will happen in the future.

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