Blog Post #3

(Above, a picture of a large amount of players avatars)

I discovered World of Warcraft through my brother, it is a game I have played since I was 7 and the leading reason I decided to major in Game Design.

(A “Priest” fighting an old modeled Worgen)

World of Warcraft is fascinating to me because it is an MMORPG, which alone are difficult to have become a large franchise game, and it also has a very rich storyline that you can discover at your leisure.

Blog Post #2

Time Tracker_ (1)-x84sw9

Perspective: Try to have as much fun as you can while getting your work done.

Priorities: getting a better management schedule

What will sink me: Not realizing HW

What keeps me afloat: Constant paranoid checking of canvas



I took this picture after some heavy rain knocked down one of my neighbors fences.

Photo Outing 2

I left with my friend Johnathan and took pictures (down south congress this time) and took some pretty acceptable photos. It is easier to see the challenges that come with having a restricted area and a required style to shoot in. The photos I selected were my personal favorites that I took using the Gestalt imaging techniques.


I’d like to start by saying i’m not exactly a savant when it comes to taking pictures, however I did have a lot of fun taking the pictures i took. I usually left relatively early in the morning and attempted to take a more urban theme with my pictures, focusing less on the river and more on the city around it. Austin is an oddly vibrant city where even the most muted of colors seem to stick out with a weird kind of vibrancy that felt a touch unique. I kind of feel that it was due to the early sun more than the actual colors but the whole experience was fun and it became a neat little ritual to do when i woke up a few hours early for class.

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