Blog Post # 10

The speakers were phenomenal. I loved their game as well as all the design elements put into them. The artwork was original and amazing and the world was very vibrant. Excited to see the completed game.

I would ask: What challenges are there in the gaming industry other than money? where do designers and developers sink most of their time?

Blog Post#9,13_KE14,34.htm?jl=1135630342The alumni were very interesting and very lively. As a games student i particularly enjoyed (surprise) the games alumni. He was very energetic and enjoyable. That does not distract from the fact that the other alumni were also extremely interesting. All of the alumni were very interesting and truly showed what we will become after steds.



Blizzard Entertainment:

Enterprise Solutions:


This weekend i traveled to different spots around austin looking for spots to take my sequence pictures. These spots included places like zilker park, mt. Bonnell, etc. these areas, Especially bonnell, i feel are going to be great places to visit when i decide to take my final pictures, which will be soon.

Blog post #8

Bill: Photographs; very abstract and beautiful. Enjoyed every picture and am surprised that most are common objects

Tuan: graphic pieces; very fascinating. everything paired together in a weird (in a good way) urban feel.

5-year plan: Complete college and begin work for blizzard. I need to learn to study and remember certain assignments so that I can pass with the best grades. Also need to preview all new tech and programs I will be using in the industry.

Bonus: 5 year plan after college: work for blizzard for 5 years, save money, start own company.

Degree Plan

I plan to study Interactive Game Studies for four years. These classes include screenwriting, world building and other such awesome classes. These will help me when I enter the gaming field of work and, hopefully will help me learn how to tackle the business world and start my own videogame company. I am also minoring in Business for the aforementioned reason of owning my own company.  With a business minor I can learn the bare-bones parts of a business and learn how to manage my money and build the company more efficiently.

Reflective Movie Essay

I watched the second movie and enjoyed it as much as possible. The movie used sequencing in a very interesting way in that it would switch perspectives of both Manni and Lola, as well as switching between realistic and animated scenes. The story also had set sequences that changed every time Lola started over. The sequencing helped tell the story through showing the changes between each one of Lola’s runs and how the different choices caused different outcomes,

Blog Post #5

The student speakers were very interesting, as well as very good at their craft. Unfortunately I did not write down names but I do know which I enjoyed most. One I enjoyed extrememly is the photography student whose name slips my mind. her art was amazing and the camera work was superb. all of the effects and touchups done looked almost natural, as if they belonged there. The other student who caught my attention was the Game Studies major who had so much to explain on the topic of games and how to be successful in the industry.

This page is the student contest page on the blizzard website, showing the winning drawings and other such things from their contests. I enjoy the layout because of how it organizes every space accordingly, as well as with matching the companies colors and fonts.

Blog Post 6

My greatest strengths include:

Social skills

Group work

For greater success in all classes, I need to:

focus a touch more

work on time management

Visual Studies:

Learn to be more artistic

Understand Photoshop

Learn Light room

Create more collages

focus more on what is asked

learn how to frame a picture

understand what makes a good/bad picture

get to class on time

create more in Photoshop

talk to professors to see if there is anything they think I need help with.

These pictures were used in our visual studies program to teach us how to take photos with certain requirements (on south congress and between Oltorf and the river).

On the first picture, I wish I wouldn’t have edited the blue of the sign to be as dark as it is. I wanted to have the contrast5 between the blue and the red to be more apparent. On the second picture I wish that I had understood the rules of the assignment, as this picture was take on Oltorf on South Congress.