A Photographic Solution essay and image

After listening to all three songs, I got no real impressions or was impressed by anything nor was I blown away by anything. I looked at everything the composition of the music, the lyrics, and the videos that joined them. There was nothing that stood out to me. Nothing made sense, the only good part of the song was the guitar but even that was stale. Cocteau Twins was also strange, hard to understand lyrics and when I searched them up they made no sense. The third and final song was probably the only good one out of the three the beginning guitar riff was good and the video was strange, the lyrics were also strange but it was by far the best one out of all of them. I didn’t really get much from the music videos, I felt more uncomfortable watching them rather than being inspired by them.

Blog Post 11

Part 1: For the Faculty presentations there were three presentations, Bob, Joe, and Alex. Bob presented his passion and childhood when it came to video games. Joe presented a number of pictures from his work that is about his family. Alex presented pictures of her family and talked about her work and how having children has changed that.

Part 2: the class was informative and it was exciting to see all the opportunities I have in Austin as a student when it comes to my career.


For the Pecha Kucha, I will be using these two photos that I used for my college project in Visual Studies 1. These images are a conjunction of 8-10 images into one main image.

Book Prototype

Book Draft 2-27eecx2 For this Book draft I was able to get half of the book done, when I go back home this Thanksgiving I will be able to get pictures for the other half of my book, I made it the way it is because I wanted it to give off a certain feeling, a feeling of anxiety and not fitting in, the pictures are placed the way that they, because I wanted to focus on that as my subject. the lyrics that I will be putting in my book will also reflect on that, I will work on making the pictures looking better on the page so that it looks clean but yet still gives off the feeling I wanted.


Blog Post #10

  1. On Friday we had speakers that were apart of the Game scene, Nate and Anne were apart of the Wildermth project, a game that they have been working on for such a long time. They explained to us their process and how they developed their game all the work they had to go through to get a working Alpha. They also talked to us about making connections and going to conventions that would help us get connections so that we could get to where we wanted to get.
  2. I don’t have a question to ask the faculty as of yet.

Book planning

So for my thumbnails, I first decided to figure out how many pictures in total I would need and how “Sequence” would fit into the photos. For the photos, I have decided that for both songs they will start with a dark and grimy look and then as the photos progress they will become lighter, and in the middle of the book I plan on adding a page of drawings to use as a border between the songs as to signify a major change. I was not able to go out and take pictures this weekend, but I plan on taking pictures this week so that I can make progress.

Book draft 1.indd-2btg77o

Scouted Locations

So for this week I decided to go out and take picture at one of my scouted locations, I mapped out where I took each photo and at what time I had arrived at the location so that I could experiment with different times. I only went to one of my scouted locations because the other is harder to get to, I have to go to a forest for the pictures and I still have yet to go, but I got a couple of pictures in different areas to help give me an sense of how I want to take my pictures for this assignment. I am experimenting with times because if it is to dark then the pictures will not come out as I want.

Blog Post #9

  1. The alumni presentations that were given in last weeks class was all about internships and it got the alumni where they are. Alejandro was the one that stuck out to me because he works for RIOT games and because of his work with SXSW. What interested me the most was the internships for SXSW and how I could gain important resources and connections to help me get the career I wan.t
  2. Internships I am interested in
    1. https://volunteer.sxsw.com/internships/music-festival-intern/
    2. https://volunteer.sxsw.com/internships/digital-media-intern/
    3. https://career4.successfactors.com/career?career_ns=job_listing&company=EA&career_job_req_id=112650
    4. https://careers.blizzard.com/en-us/openings/okz65fwO
    5. https://careers.blizzard.com/en-us/openings/oxa65fwC


Blank book Sketches

For my book idea I want to portray two different lyrics to songs in two different sections with a section in the middle with graphic and drawn art. The Way I would use song lyrics would be by using a specific type of background, for example for one of the background can be nature based and the other can be based in a parking lot and I would use those backgrounds to emphasis the lyrics. The middle part would just be random and would have no correlation from the first sequence of pictures to the second, it would be a border that would clear the mind of the first sequence.

Blog Post #7

  1. Part 1: Four year Degree plan-2a68au6 I only did half because I do not know how things will go on for the remaining two years I don’t know if I would change majors or not.
    1. How will this major help you prepare a career in the future?
      1. This major has taught me many skills that will help me out in the future for not just the game business but with any job i acquire from this degree. With a variety of classes that help you get a grasp on certain skills those skills may not be used in a game design business but in a photography business or a graphic design studio.
    2. Do you have a back up plan if this major doesn’t work out?
      1. As a IGST major I feel as if my major choice were to fall through I could drop out of college and become a musician in a band. I have also thought about starting my own company but that would require me to get a minor in business which I could do.
  2. Part 2:
    1. Do you have a minor or have you considered a second major?
      1. I have thought about having a Music minor, I decided on this because it is still in the arts area of where I want to be, but I want to have something to fall back on. Not everything goes as planned so I may end up having a better music career than a career in the game industry.