Midterm Story Pitch – Teddy Ade

2013-2014 year St. Edward’s Women basketball made history as they become first ever conference champion, as head coach JJ. Riehl and her three senior lead the way.

The year started off great for the St. Edward’s hilltoppers as they were getting win after win in the preseason. It wasn’t until their star playing Maddie Wheeler blew out her knee, which became a major struggle for the team.

In this film I will have the players and coach tell how much of an impact Maddie was to the team and how they were able to bounce back and win a conference champion without one of their star players.

I plan on interviewing the three seniors and the head coach. I plan on shooting with DSLR camera for the interviews, as well some B-role shots of the players and coach.

Final Project Pitch – Teddy Ade

We plan to make a short documentary film that includes video interviews with sexual assault victims at St. Edwards and those who took part in the sexual assault awareness march that occurred earlier this month on campus. The video will also include information on what to do and how to report occurrences associated with this issue.

Headlines – Teddy

Blazing fire left two students injured at Mallory College

At approximately 6:30pm authorities said the fired had errupted on the fifth floor of Mallory College, causing up to $1,500 in damage and leaving two student with minor injury.

Firefighter arrived at 7pm extinguishing the firing discovering the fire began in trash basket, spreading to several other desk and chairs.

KKK man Sentenced to jail for burning of the cross

After two month Fred R. Thornton was finally sentenced to nine months in jail for burning of a cross because his neighbors were a racially mixed couple.

Districted court Judge, Richard Franks, who sentenced Thornton said his crime was “despicable”.

The two other men who were involved helping Thornton, have enter not guilty plea and will be trial next month.

Fourth makes executive orders to recall pencils

10 year old Author Metzler pointed out the message on the pencil says, “Too Cool to Drugs. But the more you sharpen the pencil the message then change.

From, “Too Cool to do Drugs” to “Cool to do Drugs” and even to saying “Do Drugs”

Metzler was able to get the all the pencil recall, and have it now read “Too Cool to Do”.

Plan crashing near Stinson Airport causing damages and injuries

25 year old, Pilot Herbert Young plan crashes while practicing taking off and landing.

The plans trucked during a little lead baseball game, damaging three cars and leaving 19 year old passenger, Sarah Shields checked in at Memorial Hospital for possible concussion

The long-delayed winter weather is on its way.

The metropolitan area is expected to have sleet, snow and freezing rain this weekend. After weeks of balmy weather, winter is expected to hit with below-freezing temperatures for several days.

The weather alert put Freeport highways crews to work salting down highways and roads. Utility company employees were told to stand by in case of emergencies.

Heavy winter weather is coming!

Freeport highway crews are about to have some work to do, as metropolitan area is expecting to have a harsh winter weather.

Be expecting snow, sleet and freezing rain this up coming weekend. Temperature are expecting to hit below freezing.

Audio Script – Teddy

I interviewed David Weir current senior and president of our organization here on campus called PRIDE. I sat down and talked with David with his experience as being a president and member in pride.

I asked what made him join the organization, the purpose of the organisation and where does he see the organization going 3-5 years from now. Since the organisation is an Apolitical organization, Daivid was not allowed to say his input on his opinion of Texas trying to adopt North Carolina Bathroom policy.

Midterm Story Draft – Teddy

Teddy, I am going to require you to make an appointment at the Writing Center in the Munday Library and be sure to work with someone there on your written story. You have some grammatical issues I know they can help with. JH

*Im getting video clips Friday* I’m

In January of 2017 Gov. Dan Patrick filed a new bill which requires all transgender Texans to utilise use the restrooms that which corresponds to the gender on their birth certificate, naming the bill the Texas Privacy Act.

Having this bill causes major social problems to the communities to which communities? And who says? You need to interview people and attribute assertions to them. One which being, it supposed to protect women from sexual predators and the other which being, it is discriminatory to the LGBTQ community. How is the first part of this sentence a problem? Isn’t protecting women from sexual predators a good thing? See the problem with the way the sentence is written? 

Rhea Pledger, is a licensed professional counselor here in Austin, Texas, has worked with . For many of his years he worked with the LGBTQ community for how long? Be specific. with counselling.

Pledger, specialise specializes in anxiety, depression and issues stemming from difficult childhoods. With relation to this bill  trying to be passed, those who are in the LGBTQ community this can have some major effects on them.

Now we expect to hear a quote from Pledger. What did Pledger say about the bathroom bill and how it might affect LGBTQ people?

Those who support are for this bill sees this bill it as a way to stop sexual predators and ensure privacy among women. The LGBTQ community, however, where as LGBTQ community sees it as they are the predator but more so the victims in this case.??? Not sure I know what you mean. The sentence is not grammatical.

Passing this bill could be potentially psychologically damaging to the LGBTQ community, said whom?.

For this story I will be having a sit down interview with counselor Rhea Pledger, to discuss his take on the bill and how might that effect his patients. Ok