Job Descriptions: Hubbard, Ade, Hadden, Lohr


Name Contribution

Rachel Hubbard

  • Organized and conducted interviews with the Dean of Students and the University Police Department.
  • Wrote interview questions for these interviews
  • Contributed to and provided information for the written story
  • Helped with audio recording for anonymous victim

Teddy Ade

  • Finding a victim and asking permission to them to tell their experience
  • Writing the victims script and conducting the audio interview
  • Editing and cutting the audio for the multimedia visual

Joey Hadden

  • Helped with interview questions for Dean of Students
  • Filmed interview with Dean of Students
  • Edited and exported interview video
  • Edited written story

Jeremy Lohr

  • Helped with interview for Dean of Students
  • Outlined, framed, and then rewrote parts of the final story
  • Interviewed Maddie Cohen, last year’s Its On Us president and still an active member
  • Worked on multimedia visual for victim’s story (WordPress didn’t support the audio/visual so this was scrapped in the end)

One thought on “Job Descriptions: Hubbard, Ade, Hadden, Lohr”

  1. This chart is terrific. Makes it so easy to follow who did what. I would love to see the multimedia visual. Would Adobe Spark support it, do you think?

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