Headlines- Kristen Chambers

1) Students suffer burn injuries from fifth floor college fire
Subhead: Mallory College classroom fire results in two students with minor burns and $1500 in classroom damage. Fire began at 6:30 pm and blazed for 30 minutes until put out by firefighters.

2) Man sentenced to jail for racially motivated cross burning
Subhead: Fred Thornton pleaded guilty to burning cross in interracial couple’s driveway and is sentenced to nine months in jail. Other men involved pleaded not guilty and will be tried next month.

3) “Don’t Do Drugs” pencils recalled
Subhead: Fourth grader finds that anti-drug message on pencil becomes pro-drug message as pencils are sharpened.

4) Plane crash leads to minor injuries and damages
Subhead: Novice pilot and passenger crash-landed near little league baseball game and hit three cars. Passenger was sent to hospital for possible concussion while pilot walked away with cuts and bruises.

5) Prepare for severe winter weather approaching now
Subhead: Below freezing temperatures will lead to sleet, snow, and freezing rain this weekend. Highway crews have begun salting roads and utility companies are anticipating emergencies.

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  1. Good. Remember that news is written in the past tense. It already happened. Be sure your subheads and story are in the past tense.

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