1. Students suffer burns in fifth floor fire

Trash basket fire at Mallory College last night spread, causing minor injuries to two students and $1,500 damages.
2. Cross burning case results in nine month sentence

District Court Judge Richard Franks gave Fred Thornton a nine month sentence for his involvement in a cross burning at a racially mixed couple’s home two months ago.
3. Sharp pencils dull message

A recall is in order after a fourth-grade student pointed out that The Britton Pencil Co.’s “Too Cool to Do Drugs” pencil turns pro-drug as you sharpen it
4. Plane crash near Stinson Airport leaves pilot and passenger with minor injuries

Pilot Herbert Young said the plane lost power while he was practicing taking off and landing
5. Winter is coming

After weeks of mediocrity, winter will bring sleet, snow, and freezing rain to the metropolitan area this weekend.

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