Final Story Pitch – Myrka Moreno

It’s been a year since Haruka Weiser was found dead on University of Texas campus. Though St. Edward’s is just about five miles from UT, the question of safety is still common in students and parents. This past semester, campus was locked down as a man carrying a gun was suspected to be on campus. He wasn’t a student, nor was he targeting students, but the location of St. Edward’s, in the middle of South Austin, often puts it in the middle of crimes. What is the protocol for on-campus crimes and surrounding neighborhood crimes? Is St. Edward’s as safe as it claims to be? We will delve into this topic using resources from UPD and interviewing students, parents, faculty, staff and neighbors. For our interactive pieces we will use a video showcasing safety concerns and interviews. We will also have an interactive map detailing crimes. → here is the link to St. Ed’s annual fire and safety report for 2016

Pgs 43-46 list crimes that happened on campus (residence facility, on campus, non campus, public property), the professional educational center, St.Edward’s University in France, and Wild Basin

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  1. This sounds like a great story. Be sure you are accurate in your statistics. UPD must file a crime report at the end of every year under federal law. It should reflect how many sexual assault reports have been filed. And then the Dean of Students Office can tell you how investigations work under Title IX, which is the federal law universities must comply with on this issue (and others regarding gender equity). Dean of Students is Steven Pinkenburg. Remember that you need to have made progress by presentation week, so get moving on the reporting!

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