Final Story Pitch- Jess Arrazolo

Our final story will examine the stigmatization unmarried women face in our society and how they feel about being pressured to get married as they get older. We will be utilizing video/audio interactive elements to conduct interviews with Maribel Tostado, professor at St. Edward’s and a single, Mexican woman living in the age of sex and the city with inescapable cultural and societal pressures to get married. The interview will hopefully allow us to gain a specific insight into how Tostado interprets these rising pressures and if they have affected how she has planned out her life. We also plan to interview young female students at St. Edward’s to get another perspective into if young women in today’s society feel the same cultural and societal pressures that a somewhat older woman such as Tostado feels. Also during these interviews, we plan to ask whether or not these women’s cultures have played a part in creating some of the pressures behind getting married.

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  1. This has potential to be a very interesting story. I’m excited to see what you all do with it. Be sure to do some reporting outside the interviews. You want statistics/trends on women and marriage. One place to look is the U.S. Census Bureau, which published demographic reports. This is great source to get some experience using and should help boost your story beyond the anectodal:

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