Final Story Pitch Group 1–Ibarra

I copy-pasted this from Ana’s post because we are in the same group:

“CHANGE-Our group is going to look at the expansion of the school and how it is affecting the surrounding neighborhood residents. One man in particular who lives across the street from the school has been a particularly loud protestor to the school’s construction. This story will have the underlying story of change across Austin and the fear it brings many long-term residents. This is a small look into a larger issue.”

We will be looking at the town v. gown theme in Austin and at St. Edward’s role in the community.


One thought on “Final Story Pitch Group 1–Ibarra”

  1. Got it. As we discussed in class, this is all part of a larger Town/Gown tension that universities and their neighbors in cities and smaller urban areas often feel. If you read about what’s going on with NYU right now and its expansion, you’ll read similar concerns. Be sure you place what is happening at SEU in this larger context. And be careful when you talk to angry neighbors. How will you tell this story, technically? Video? Audio? Map? Other?

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