Headlines- Helena Hild

  1. “Possible Arson at Mallory College injures 2.”

Last evening around 6 p.m., a fire was started in a Mallory College classroom which left 2 students with minor injuries. The injuries were sustained when the students attempted to put out the fire. Officials are investigating this as a possible arson attempt.

2. “Man sentenced to 9 months for cross burning”

Fred R. Thornton was sentenced to 9 months in jail for the cross burning he and two other men committed two months ago on the lawn of a racially-mixed couples home. Thornton pleaded guilty to the charge of bias harassment.

3. “Anti-drug pencils recalled after fourth grader notices major flaw”

Arthur Metzler brought attention to the Britton Pencil Co. “Too cool to do drugs” pencils after realizing that when sharpened the message actually had a pro-drug message of “Cool to do drugs”.

4.  “Plane crash near Stinson airport causes only minor injuries”

A single engine plane crashed yesterday near the Stinson airport, but left only the pilot and passenger with minor injuries. Pilot Herbert Young said that cause of the crash was due to power loss during take off and landing.

5. “Sudden storm expected to freeze metropolitan area”

This weekend the metropolitan area is expected to experience snow, sleet and freezing rain. With good weather quickly disappearing behind us, city highway crews and utility workers are already at work in preparation for the storm.

One thought on “Headlines- Helena Hild”

  1. Good. I’d do the first one this way: “Two Mallory College students injured in blaze investigators say may be arson.”

    How’s that?

    Overall, you’ve got the hang of it.

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