Midterm Story Pitch – Teddy Ade

2013-2014 year St. Edward’s Women basketball made history as they become first ever conference champion, as head coach JJ. Riehl and her three senior lead the way.

The year started off great for the St. Edward’s hilltoppers as they were getting win after win in the preseason. It wasn’t until their star playing Maddie Wheeler blew out her knee, which became a major struggle for the team.

In this film I will have the players and coach tell how much of an impact Maddie was to the team and how they were able to bounce back and win a conference champion without one of their star players.

I plan on interviewing the three seniors and the head coach. I plan on shooting with DSLR camera for the interviews, as well some B-role shots of the players and coach.

Headlines- Kristen Chambers

1) Students suffer burn injuries from fifth floor college fire
Subhead: Mallory College classroom fire results in two students with minor burns and $1500 in classroom damage. Fire began at 6:30 pm and blazed for 30 minutes until put out by firefighters.

2) Man sentenced to jail for racially motivated cross burning
Subhead: Fred Thornton pleaded guilty to burning cross in interracial couple’s driveway and is sentenced to nine months in jail. Other men involved pleaded not guilty and will be tried next month.

3) “Don’t Do Drugs” pencils recalled
Subhead: Fourth grader finds that anti-drug message on pencil becomes pro-drug message as pencils are sharpened.

4) Plane crash leads to minor injuries and damages
Subhead: Novice pilot and passenger crash-landed near little league baseball game and hit three cars. Passenger was sent to hospital for possible concussion while pilot walked away with cuts and bruises.

5) Prepare for severe winter weather approaching now
Subhead: Below freezing temperatures will lead to sleet, snow, and freezing rain this weekend. Highway crews have begun salting roads and utility companies are anticipating emergencies.


Our final story will examine the stigmatization unmarried women face in our society and how they feel about being pressured to get married as they get older. We will be utilizing video/audio interactive elements to conduct interviews with Maribel Tostado, professor at St. Edward’s and a single, Mexican woman living in the age of sex and the city with inescapable cultural and societal pressures to get married. The interview will hopefully allow us to gain a specific insight into how Tostado interprets these rising pressures and if they have affected how she has planned out her life. We also plan to interview young female students at St. Edward’s to get another perspective into if young women in today’s society feel the same cultural and societal pressures that a somewhat older woman such as Tostado feels. Also during these interviews, we plan to ask whether or not these women’s cultures have played a part in creating some of the pressures behind getting married.


1. Students suffer burns in fifth floor fire

Trash basket fire at Mallory College last night spread, causing minor injuries to two students and $1,500 damages.
2. Cross burning case results in nine month sentence

District Court Judge Richard Franks gave Fred Thornton a nine month sentence for his involvement in a cross burning at a racially mixed couple’s home two months ago.
3. Sharp pencils dull message

A recall is in order after a fourth-grade student pointed out that The Britton Pencil Co.’s “Too Cool to Do Drugs” pencil turns pro-drug as you sharpen it
4. Plane crash near Stinson Airport leaves pilot and passenger with minor injuries

Pilot Herbert Young said the plane lost power while he was practicing taking off and landing
5. Winter is coming

After weeks of mediocrity, winter will bring sleet, snow, and freezing rain to the metropolitan area this weekend.

Final Story Pitch – Elizabeth Ucles

It’s been a year since Haruka Weiser was found dead on University of Texas campus. Though St. Edward’s is just about five miles from UT, the question of safety is still common in students and parents. This past semester, campus was locked down as a man carrying a gun was suspected to be on campus. He wasn’t a student, nor was he targeting students, but the location of St. Edward’s, in the middle of South Austin, often puts it in the middle of crimes. What is the protocol for on-campus crimes and surrounding neighborhood crimes? Is St. Edward’s as safe as it claims to be? We will delve into this topic using resources from UPD and interviewing students, parents, faculty, staff and neighbors. For our interactive pieces we will use a video showcasing safety concerns and interviews. We will also have an interactive map detailing crimes.

https://stedwards.app.box.com/v/2016asr → here is the link to St. Ed’s annual fire and safety report for 2016

Pgs 43-46 list crimes that happened on campus (residence facility, on campus, non campus, public property), the professional educational center, St.Edward’s University in France, and Wild Basin