Midterm Story Draft Ibarra

Ok. What is the story? Ideally, your story would follow the editors as they put an issue together. That would have a natural narrative arc, beginning, middle and end (sort of like what Raffi did last year in 4305).

CABRA is a student-led fashion magazine founded by St. Edward’s University students. The aptly named magazine (cabra means goat in Spanish, Portuguese, and Galacian) features fashion articles written by St. Edward’s students. However, unlike other student publications on campus, like Hilltop Views, CABRA is not housed in the School of Humanities; it is housed in Student Life. Why? ____find out why____

Whose idea was the magazine? and why?

Like other student-led publications, CABRA publishes their magazine on Issuu. ___why choose Issuu over other online publication site? why not print; does it have to do with funding or environmental reasons or another reason?___

Since its inception in fall 2015, CABRA has published three issues — one per semester. ___find out why there is only one per semester____ There is no uniformity in the artistic, high-fashion style of the magazine’s cover. (is there? ask if there’s a goal to be achieved with each cover)


Photo Slideshow: It might be fun to join at a photo shoot for the magazine; I could take photos of the photographers taking photos or something like that…. maybe not.

Audio: If I could convince the interviewees to meet me at the digital media center sometime during the week, it would be cool to give them the chance to insert their voice into the story.

Video: The video would be similar to the audio; however, it might be too big of an undertaking given that audio is already a challenge for me. Perhaps if I could take a video of a photo shoot, that could give the reader/viewer insight into what it takes to produce a magazine.


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