Audio Assignment w/ Script Olivia Skedd

Olivia: “5.7 million people [take a pause] The number of Americans who live with Bipolar Disorder [take a pause]

While many think this mental illness is RARE, it’s not. It’s seen EQUAL across sexes, races, ethnicities, and socioeconomic class. For many like, Kevin Friedman, 20 is the age when you first start experiencing episodes. As freshmen in college, [take a pause] Kevin had to figure out what a living a life diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder Type 2 would be like”


Kevin: “And I’m just writing a million songs and skipping down the sidewalk, singing songs to myself and I’m thinking I don’t know if Jesus really was the son of God, but maybe he had other children and who’s to say I’m not also the son of God. And I was going to donate all my money to environmental awareness groups”


Olivia: “Going from 75 mg to 150 mgs in his anti depressant medication triggered hypomanic episodes leading to his official diagnosis.”

Kevin: “A day then would be not sleeping but lying in bed just wishing I could sleep and staying in bed as much as I could because I didn’t want to be part of the rest of the world. Now I’m in school. You know I do my homework. I spend time with my girlfriend or friends. I go to band practice. I go to work.”

Olivia: “Having a routine is what many psychologists and those living with Bipolar Disorder says helps, especially [inflection] when it comes to their sleep schedule.”

Kevin: “One of the most important things is to make sure that I get 7 hours of sleep every night because if I don’t then it’s a major trigger to set off mood swings. There are some nights where we’ll have played a show and I get home at 4 and then I have to get up at 7 the next day and I just know I can’t do this two nights in a row or else I’m going to start screwing up my system. ”

Olivia: “Music has ALWAYS been important to Kevin and has grown as he uses it to process and accept his diagnosis.”

Kevin: “I just feel like it’s a really great natural anti-depressant. Because music is kind of my favorite thing in life, so getting to exercise my mind in that way feels really healthy and constructive to me.”


Olivia: “While music will continue to be a constant in Kevin’s life, he doesn’t want the PRESSURE that comes from a career in it.”


Kevin:”There’s kind of a scare that if you decide to take medication you’ll loose your edge creatively or you’ll become like a dull person. The medications are really getting better and with the way that science is developing these medications, there are fewer side effects and it’s way different than getting electric shock therapy in the 1950’s.”

Olivia: “Kevin plans on graduating with a masters in counseling [take a pause] where he’ll be able to provide support and healthcare information for people who are in the same situation as he was.”


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