Audio Assignment: Cristina Ramos

Here on the hilltop many are aware of the fact that lent is going on. Many catholics are utilizing the time to give something up for their catholic faith. However some students like Nathan Nunez [NOON-yez] don’t give anything up during lent

Nathan: Well every year I decided wether or not I want to participate as I was taught as a young kid that it is not mandatory so if i feel the need that i need to cleanse myself of an impurity i guess then i will try my best to go forty day without indulging or giving into that indulgence or whatever it is that i feel is a negative impact on my life.

Instead of giving something up some catholics go a different route such as thinking more about their mental health and trying to be the best person they can be. Another option is praying like Nathan suggests.

Nathan: This year I am not giving anything up for lent. but i am praying every night during lent because i use to pray every night then i got out of that habit and now i want to get back in that habit. I think praying is a good way to, i guess it’s kind of like therapy it just helps cleans your mind

During lent it is not all about the materialistic things that you give up. Father Welsh made sure to stress this during the Ash Wednesday service. Instead Father Welsh suggested for us to think about how we can make ourselves a better person during this forty day period. he suggested thinking about not being as self concerned with ourselves and thinking about others around us. There are many ways for catholics to express their faith during this forty day period. Go out and discover what other catholic Hilltoppers are doing during this lent period.

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