Audio Assignment – Rachel Hubbard

I invited Julie Frost, the founder and director of the music moves mountains foundation, to discuss the main goal she has for her establishment and describe the great ways in which music can give those in need a voice in our community

Julie: Our main goal at the music moves mountains foundation is to make music therapy and education more accessible to those in need. We reach out to the community and find where there are gaps or lack of resources and do our best to help provide opportunities to individuals.

Rachel: The main inspiration for her foundation was her son, who uses music and playing the drums as an outlet for freedom and expression.

Julie: It all started when I searched for music therapy services or adaptive music education for my special needs son, and found that Texas did not support music therapy on a state level, so insurance didn’t cover it and it was too costly to pay for it on our own. Public schools and music schools had little or no training to provide any adaptive education. So, like how most non-profit organizations start, it was with our own personal story and mission.

Rachel: After seeing how music therapy could help many people with different disabilities, she decided to expand the foundation to help those in need and gained the resources to create new therapy programs as well as special needs training for music instructors.

Julie: But then it grew and took on a life of its own because we discovered how many populations of people it could help if available – everything from brain injuries, PTSD, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, pain and anxiety management, to helping those with Autism find their voice and communicate. We created our own community programs to get started. One of those is called All Abilities Rock which served special needs populations. The others are called Play it Forward and Feeding the Soul. We also continue fundraising and partnerships to help provide much needed services and community outreach to undeserved areas and to spread awareness of the power of music.

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