Audio assignment: Carlye Cook

Carlye: In Latin America, where Beatriz and Aida both come from, volunteer work is more of a common activity amongst young adults.

When the two noticed St. Edward’s University did not have a Love Your Melon crew, they took it upon themselves to open a chapter on our campus.

Beatriz and Aida: Introduce what Love Your Melon is, and how it works.

Carlye: While providing apparel for children in need, Love Your Melon also gives 50 percent of their profit to help fund pediatric cancer research.

Beatriz and Aida: Highlight customer importance

Carlye: How has being a part of love your melon impacted your lives?

Beatriz and Aida: Answer (“Very blessed to be a part of this”).

Carlye: How can one help out and get involved?

Beatriz and Aida: Purchases online/if you know of anyone struggling with cancer

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