Journal Entry: December 10

It is finals week. I am going to die of studying and starving because I will be too busy studying my butt off for these finals. I cannot wait for the break and go home to my family. I also want to stay here. Back in Houston is boring and I just stay home and play games. But in Austin, I learn and hang out with friends every day and I experience living here. I just want to go home for a bit. I can’t wait for LeaderShape though. I am so excited to go to that.

Journal Entry: December 2

I am anxious about the end of the semester. I see all my grades are passing but will it affect my accumulative GPA when I head to med school. That is the part I am scared of. I hope that my grades are boosted whenever I take my finals. That is also an aspect that I am scared of because I really never had to take hard finals back in high school. However, this is college in such that I do not know what to expect because it pretty much the end of a class in 15 weeks. I do not want to fail a class because that will mean I will become behind and I will have to work harder. I am also super behind in the science seminar class because all the other professors remind me of tasks but you, Dr. Haynes, do not. You said that we need to be responsible enough to check those ourselves and that if we do miss, it’s our fault. I just want to go back home and relax and wait for another semester to start.

Journal Entry: November 26

Thanksgiving break was fun! I got to see all my friends from church and school and all the stuff. I spent so much black Friday shopping and ate so much that weekend too. I got to see my nephews and nieces again which is a refreshing memory of being an uncle. The beginning was a bit stressful because I had a bio test and those presentations but after those, I went straight home and had lied in bed. I waited for Thursday for Thanksgiving so I can stuff my face with everything and after that, I went to the Galleria with Laurel to go shopping I wanted to take my time but she was rushing me a bunch which was annoying. After that, I hung out with my friends on Saturday at a buffet and left for Austin today. I came back and now cannot wait for the week to start back up.

Journal Entry: November 19

This week was really hard. I was really struggling with my English class this week which isn’t any surprise but I really was tired of this class this week. However, the highlight of my week was seeing that Anonymous play which was pretty amazing. I saw the resemblance of the Odyssey in the play. Anonymous was a modern version of the Odyssey in which showed him fighting the cyclops or the butcher in the play. They both ran into the sirens and Calypso and the king and queen and the princess. It was an emotional rollercoaster. I felt almost every emotion in this play which was very well executed. I also got into my 11 am bio class which I was so happy because I really wanted that class because I heard Steffenson had really good teachings and is faculty. So all I need is my bio lab, chemistry, and that lab too. I also have not started my NY Times assignment which is due Tuesday but I have a bio test Monday so I need to study for that test. I can’t wait for Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales I have been saving up for that night.

Journal Entry: November 12

My week has been good. Monday has consisted of four classes that were tearing me apart. It was really hard that day because English class needed me to make a draft and a bunch of other stuff that was hard. I didn’t stay up late because I needed the sleep. My philosophy class was super easy however but were starting a group project. This group project needs us to watch a movie and write about its morals and what-not like that stuff. I needed to calm down though because I am building a lot of stress in which is causing me to do badly in my classes. Tuesday was good because I went to only two classes both were easy too. Wednesday was bad too because I had another four classes. Thursday and Friday were good because I was just looking forward to the weekend. Friday night was super fun too because the whole floor went out together and I was great.

Journal Entry: November 5

My weekend is been grand. I hung out with Anthony a lot, eating Chilis and Korean BBQ. I also hung out with Cody last night which we watched two movies, the Bee Movie, and Pirates of the Caribbean: The Black Pearl. The weekend was super fun but I also got a parking ticket last night by taking my chances and not paying for the parking fee. I also am sick so I might not be able to go to class tomorrow which will suck for sure. This sickness that has rained upon me has been such a struggle with my stuffed and runny nose, my insane coughing and sneezing, and my cold sweats. I wonder how my future will go honestly. Will I become a doctor or become something else. Who will I date in a couple years maybe no one at all. I am just contemplating my future seeing my priorities right now.

Journal Entry: October 29

It has been a momentous week. I have spent so much time on studying and working hard for the test that I spent my weekend hanging out with friends. Some of my close friends went home so I was sad that I did not get to spend time with them on Halloween weekend. But I have made so much more new friends and I am glad because now I have way more friends around campus now. My weekend was very fun I got to spend so much time with friends and having fun forgetting the piles of homework I have in the future. I have a friend who is moving to Colorado Christian University because her boyfriend is in Colorado. I don’t think she is making the right choice into moving over there for a boy that she had dated for 6 months. However, I never know her situation maybe they are super in love or they are not I have no clue. It is not my place to make her choice but she is asking for that advice. I give her the “follow your heart” stuff but I don’t want to be pushy and say do not go. I just want her to make a rational choice so she won’t regret her decision.

Journal Entry: October 22

My week was good. I had gotten through so much tough projects last week and I prospered through. My weekend was fun too. I had gone out with a bunch of friends to zilker park and barton pool. My fun was highlighted by going out that night as well with my friends at UT. Sunday was also amazing. The mass had played some very nice songs that touched my heart. I prayed especially well which cleared my head. Last week was a tough week and I believe that this week will be better. Next week I have a bunch of tough project too like a bio exam and a 2 papers due. It is just getting harder and harder each week with all the tests and the advancement of my life.

Journal Entry: October 15

I had went home for the weekend and it was good. I had spent time with my family and friends back home which gave me a nice break from the stress the school has been taking over me. I went to this revolving sushi place that had a conveyor belt that passed sushi around. My friends and I had eaten 52 plates of sushi which was $140. We all were too full to walk but wanted boba after. I took my nephews to their taekwondo practice which was sun seeing them have fun. It was a Halloween party so their were a bunch of kids dressed up as their favorite characters. I missed Austin however. I saw ACL and wanted to go so bad rather than stay in Houston because half the time I was there, I stayed home. Now I am back at school struggling as always.

Journal Entry: October 8

My week consisted of tons of food and homework. The homework part was all rhetoric and comp II. That class breaks me down and rips me apart. I struggle in that class so hard because I do not want to do that class, I am so uninterested in that class I forget about it sometimes. My passion is with the sciences but I know that I must be good in all subjects. My professor puts on so much work upon us and that class takes the longest time for me to finish my homework. Also my philosophy and religion freshman studies class is a struggle. I think the topics are so interesting in what we talk about but I cannot grasp those concepts so easily and plus reading the articles he gives us is hard too because its with old English and complex syntax’s. The tons of food part was amazing though but I spent about 40 dollars on. I made some new friends this weekend which prompted us to go out and eat. We had went to hopdoddys and ihop which consisted in laughs and debates. I think they will be long term friends. I hope this week will be an easier load on rhetoric and comp because of the friday off and I plan on going home that weekend. I am excited to see my family again and my church because I miss them so much.

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