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My Bloody Valentine 

This video sucked. The song was poor. It was like a mumble rap but worse. I could not hear a thing she said. She just either mumbled the lyrics, moaned, or just made random sounds. The overexposure is terrible. It’s just white. And in this world today, you need some diversity. If you look at Take on Me by a-ha they use a lot of white but it works. My Bloody Valentine’s video blinds the viewer, as they used a pure white. Similar to a flashlight getting into your eye. Your eye hates the blinding light and shuts closed. That’s how I felt watching this video. While a-ha used a more neutral leaning yellow tone white. Which is just more pleasant to look at for longer periods of time. It’s softer, has more yellow tone, and is less saturated. The lyrics suck it’s like a 13-year-old emo girl was writing bad harry potter fanfiction and got signed a record deal. The lyrics have nothing to do with the music video and they are very bland. And just overall bad, like very immature lyrics. Something I wouldn’t expect from an adult band. The girl doing the weird squat is the worse thing I have ever seen. Like it doesn’t fit the video or song. It’s just there. Which is what this video is. Just there. Why did you show me this

Cocteau Twins 

This video has two million views just from your classes. Probably. Compared to My Bloody Valentine this video is pretty dark. Other than that it’s very similar to the Valentine video actually. I can’t hear a thing she is singing and I can’t tell the location of the music video. It looks like a cornfield, then a desert, then St. Edwards. It’s pretty uninteresting overall. There’s not much to say about it other than they just overused shadows. Oh and the font they used in the beginning sucked.


This one was actually great, good job Bill. I like the lead singer, Miki’s hair adds a nice contrast to the various visuals in the music video. It very much reminds me of speed racer the movie from 2008 with all the colours, lights, and competing visuals going at each other. I really liked how all the visuals fought each other but also worked together. They balanced each other at one point but then became too overpowering. I did like how they kept Miki as the focus during the whole video. She was always there and kept the viewer balanced. As you could just look at her and not get confused.  This one was good Bill. Congrats

Overall I understand why you made us look at these videos. It’s a great starting point for this project as we are looking using whites and how shadows/lights affect them. All of these videos good or bad have an atmosphere to them that is unique to that song.

Blog Post #11

I enjoyed the faculty presentations. Bob’s beginning with pinball and ending with it, I thought was pretty genius speech wise and also kind weird life wise. As you very rarely get book ends when it comes to life. I enjoyed Alex’s gifs and her advice. But I really loved Joe’s photography, it’s so simple but so complex at the same time.

The semester went okay, overall I did not do as bad as I thought I was going to do. For this course, I enjoyed it. I just wished we more presenters who did fine arts, like painting and drawing. And also more photographers.

03 – Prototype 1

My prototype is the 3rd half of my book. It is the size that I want, and I like the front cover with the bleed. I will have to flip some of the pictures to get the better sequence and the photos are really dark on some that I did not use. I will to use better paper and definitely inkjet to see if that will help. Otherwise, I might have to digitally edit some lighter. Still dark but darker grey instead of black.

Blog Post #10

The speakers we had last week were Nate and Anne Austin who have their own video game startup. Their talk was interesting, to say the least. I learned that making a video game was hard and that you need a detailed plan or structure to generally stick too otherwise you’ll burn. But it was nice to see them go through the steps of development and hear their struggles. And their game looks pretty nice.

The question I have for the faculty presentations is that ” If you could go back and change one about your career, what would you change? Your actual career, a certain mistake, etc.

03 Sequence


For this third part of bookmaking process, I hit a bump. Part of it is the fact I want to make an abstract, tantric painting style. As when I picture my depression or mental health its abstract image. So what I’m thinking to show sequence, instead of doing night to day to night, the pictures start out distorted, then come together like the ones above and go back to being distorted again. With that, the colours will shift, so it will still be like the whole night to day and back again just without actually seeing a sky. I probably will kind using college, by either putting in my own drawings or putting in photographs.

Blog Post #9

For the Alumni Presentations, I enjoyed them. Especially the last one. I found her art style, especially in her paintings to be aesthetically pleasing to my eye and I really liked her style. It was also nice seeing where they all ended up at, and how that has influenced me in some ways to either work for a company full time or go full freelance. I understand how important non-profit work is, but to work in a team that size and try to meet deadlines without killing myself would be a pain.

3 internships – As I’m also minoring in digital marketing I want to might do some internships in that field as well




03 Sequence

For my the book project. I’ve have decided to go with the idea of making it about my mental health struggles in the past as well as here at St. Edward’s. The book will be 12 pages, hopefully, 5 x 5 1/2. I want every page on the book to have a clear border around it as I feel like it gives it some oomph. As well as makes it look professional.


My contact sheet with some pictures I’ve taken. With the two on the left being kinda what I imagine the actual pages to look like. With the pages that reflected me in times of happiness being all bright, colourful while the dark times are dark. Or I could flip it around and make it interesting. To show sequence I’m moving in chronological order timewise. And the pages/pictures them self will either brighten or darken up depending on the mood change. So it starts out black, gets dark grey, light grey, white, light grey again, etc.

These are my ideas about type fonts. I’m not 100% on them and if I could I would rather make some myself. But these capture the idea and feeling I want the type to have.

Blog Post #8

Professor Garza- Her presentation was pretty well done. I find the last bit about the movie making thing amazing. I personally could not or at least right now see myself doing 9 years of work for only 4 minutes but maybe I’m not there yet. But the movie does interest me, and the fact that there are multiple versions kinda makes the 9-year thing seem a bit better

Professor Luu – I find his work interesting, and the question of public and publications is fantasising. He definitely inspired me to want to create more using the risograph lab here on campus.

Professor Phan – I really like his art style, it’s very graphic but minimalist. Especially with his use of the various arrows, which were seen in his presentation as well as in his notebooks during his lecture in the seminar. I really like how those keep popping up in his works, it’s like how an idea hits you and won’t let go to you have completed its purpose. Or at least that’s something I have happened before in my art.

Professor Kennedy – The idea of taking something so ordinary and making it an abstract piece to the point of not recognizing it is a grand idea. It’s an idea that has been there before but I really like his spin on it. The colours, how you could still see the shape to the point where it could become a guessing game of sort. The pictures almost could be the background of horror movie posters though, especially the ones with warm tones in them.


After college, I want to take a gap year and decide what I want to do with my life. Then afterwards, its either going back to school for a degree in fashion design/merchanding or getting my masters in fine arts. I always plan to get my masters, it’s more of the fact getting the second degree that I’m not sure about. I’m not really sure what I am doing in my life but its whatever.

I just need to better myself as an artist, build a portfolio and learn how to sew, I guess.



03 Sequence

My thoughts on the book project are hazy. I have a couple of ideas, ranging from doing a book on my anxiety to doing it on everyday fears/phobias. But I think I am going to go with the idea of doing the book based on Devendra Banhart’s song Insect Eyes. Below is a snippet of the lyrics. The lyrics Banhart makes are so full of imagery, whimsy but also life-like. I enjoy his writing and I feel like I could make a weird, trippy book expressing his song. The book itself is going to be a square and on the tiny side. It will also be 12 pages, which each page expressing one or two lines of the lyric. The pictures I took are going to be the background of each collage, hence why they are so dark. As I will be putting stock photos that I photoshop on top of them.

Blog Post #7

1. My major in art will help my career in the future as art is what I want to do with my life. Either solo or combining with another subject such as marketing (visual marketing) or becoming an art teacher. My backup major is Fashion Merchandising, which is sadly not at St. Edwards, so I would have to transfer to Texas Women’s University

2. As you can see I do have a minor in digital marketing, as in the future I might want to go into the marketing filed as social media manager for an arsty – farsty company or even making ads for a company. But right now I actually do not think I want to go into marketing but teaching as hearing in the visual studies seminar that all the art kids who took a teaching minor got jobs is making me want to switch. Considering I also want to get my masters in fine art and another bachelor degree in Fashion Design and Fashion Merchandising, it would be nice to have a job.


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