On Daniel H. Pink’s ‘ A whole new mind’, I think he was being highly optimistic with his article. I understand his point with society moving toward right brained talents. With the rise of media like YouTube, Instagram and the like, people are relying/using their creativity for their job or income. And every second more and more people are joining these sites, in hope of using their talents as a way to bring joy to people or to get income. But these are outliers in our bigger society. Most people are still or going in to STEM. And we are still going to be a mostly left brained world.

For Amy Tan’s piece ‘ Where does creativity come from’, I enjoyed her many theories on why/how we are creative and the creativity process. Considering how serious and dark-toned most TED talks are, it was a delight watching her talk about something is more lighthearted and funny. I see myself in her as I can relate to her wrongful birth principal, as she was the only Chinese person in her class. I was the only black person. My mother like hers does not believe in randomness. She thinks everything happens for a reason, that nothing is luck or chance. That everything happens for a purpose and that you must learn something from that happening.