Month: September 2017

Joanne – Blog Post #3

Joanne by Lady Gaga was one of the best albums to come out in 2016 or 2016 in general. It was fully released October 21 but suffered a leak a few weeks. The album which is inspired by Gaga’s aunt named Joanne, who died of lupus complications after being sexually assaulted when she was 19. The death, which happened 10 years before Gaga was ever born, deeply affected her father’s side of the family. This year she released a documentary, Five Foot Two, that shows the creation process of Joanne as well as her own struggle with fibromyalgia and doing the Superbowl.

For me personally, I am quite iffy on Joanne. I understand the concept, and I think it is a great memoir to a person who was gone too soon. But it does not feel completely genuine. Knowing that her last album, ArtPop, flopped it almost seems like she distanced her self from her old self. She states “You can’t make music with a bunch of boys who are staring at a lobster on your head. They are going to get distracted.” It feels very fake and similar to how another pop star, Miley Cyrus is distancing herself from her past album cycle(s). But I do enjoy most of the music, Hey Girl especially. But due to lack of promo, she didn’t sing any song off of Joanne at her halftime show, you can tell that this album cycle was a waste. None of the songs got really huge, only Million Reasons breaking the top 5, but only staying there for a week. 

So in total, Joanne is a complicated album that is not that well but did inspire me to dig dipper into pop music as well as criticism of it.

Joanne, Lady Gaga Aunt


Gestalt #3

In the final gestalt project, my theme has reached its end with Death. As we will die sooner or later so will nature. Sadly nature seems to be on its way out sooner than what should possibly be. But I wanted to focus on more beauty or positivity in death if that makes any sense. Over the weekend, I saw the movie Mother! which is an allusion to God and how he keeps trying to remake Mother Earth/Nature over and over again. Even though in the end his creations keep destroying Earth. God still tries again and again. And seeing that movie made me want to have a different spin on death than the usual death junk.

With Gestalt, I focused on the law of containment as it fit my theme and it was the easiest to show.




Blog Post #2

Looking back on my time sheet made me realize how much I procrastinate my school work and how I honestly do not have a social life.  I very much am a homebody, and I’m usually stressing to get my homework completed, especially if it is an essay or a draft. Part of me wants to kick those habits in the butt but then realistically I know that will probably never happen as I’ve been doing and procrastinating everything and anything since 3rd grade. It’s a habit that I am used too. And I wished I had more a social life but what can you do.

Mother, prismacolour pencils with flowers and holographic paper added, 2015-2016

I did this piece in my Art 3 class in 2015-2016, and it is very much my favorite art/drawing I have ever done. It defiantly represents my interests in nature, involving different techniques and art styles in my art, and my style. As I love drawing the body but not so much the face. Part of it is the face is hard to get proportional compared to the body which is in a way easier. And I love shading, which this has in shades.

Gestalt 02

This is part two of my nature themed gestalt project. Part two is titled Destruction as it is all about the destruction of nature by as us humans. I focused mainly on litter as it is 1. easier to photograph than other forms pollution and 2. in Austin litter is everywhere. It is a epidemic here, even here at St. Eds litter seems to be and every nook and cranny. It is also something all of us humans contribute too. Unlike other types of pollution such as oil spills, were a certain group does it. Not everyone drops oil in the ocean.

The issue I had with taking this photos were getting those gestalt principles. As I feel like with others, you could move things around but with litter who wants to touch it? Not me definitely. So I ended up taking photos of litter and when I saw a gestalt principle/law I took a photo of it. So some follow a law, hopefully, while others are just random photos. But I did try to get some gestalt pictures.

But other than that I feel okay about the photos I took.

Blog Post 1

  1. The main points from the first article that the business aspect of life has began to to take idea from art and that artists themselves are becoming a major part of the business world from leading, to gaining awards,etc. The second article on the other hand was stating that artists and entrepreneurs are very similar in how they work, and how they are driven by passion. But it also points out that entrepreneurs  are in a better place as they are better/know how to work in teams unlike artists.
  2. They can learn how to have a team/a support system. There is a a reason the starving artist is a stereotype. Because for most artists it is true. As art is a thing that most people think that you can do it yourself, you do not need to worry. When you do need people, either connections or just people who care about your well-being.
  3. Yes, I do think artists are entrepreneurs  as long as they are trying to make their art their living. An entrepreneur is a person who operates or owns a business. If you do that as a artist then you are one.
  4. I agree the most with the first two. As artist are always inventing or reinventing themselves and their art. And with two, it feels like a lot of times artist understand humans and especially the human emotions better than others.
  5. I feel like the lists covers all/a good portion of people in the business world should know about artists. The only other things to add would be negative.
  6. I do not have any additional thoughts.

1. I have some grit but not a lot. I get sidetracked and distracted quite easily. And I only scored 3.25% on the test.

2. What I could work on would be staying more diligent with my work and not losing focus on projects/homework.

Gestalt 01

My gestalt project is a three part piece about nature and how we as humanity are destroying it. This first piece is on the beauty of nature. I tried to make all of the pictures close ups as I felt you get the full affect of nature’s gorgeousness. I had more pictures but I decided to delete them and not include them as they did not have the colour these had in them. These pictures pop of your screen, they catch your eye. It was a struggle to take the pictures as I had to deal with bugs and the like. And trying not to look like an idiot. Looking back on it I wished I got better quality photos, as well as getting more flowers/colours in the shots. But overall I like what I took, and as my first real photography project I feel proud of my photos.

Reflective Essay

On Daniel H. Pink’s ‘ A whole new mind’, I think he was being highly optimistic with his article. I understand his point with society moving toward right brained talents. With the rise of media like YouTube, Instagram and the like, people are relying/using their creativity for their job or income. And every second more and more people are joining these sites, in hope of using their talents as a way to bring joy to people or to get income. But these are outliers in our bigger society. Most people are still or going in to STEM. And we are still going to be a mostly left brained world.

For Amy Tan’s piece ‘ Where does creativity come from’, I enjoyed her many theories on why/how we are creative and the creativity process. Considering how serious and dark-toned most TED talks are, it was a delight watching her talk about something is more lighthearted and funny. I see myself in her as I can relate to her wrongful birth principal, as she was the only Chinese person in her class. I was the only black person. My mother like hers does not believe in randomness. She thinks everything happens for a reason, that nothing is luck or chance. That everything happens for a purpose and that you must learn something from that happening.

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