Typography- Type Set Annotations

For this assignment the obective was to annotate a typeset. We were aloud to select 10 words and the ones I chose was: Mister President (Blackadder ITC), Hobo Joe (Hobo), Lighting Fast (Vitesse Bold Italic), Solid Built (Knox), Bauhaus (Bauhaus), Homely (Castellar), Ritzy (Edwardian Script ITC), Dollar General (Copperplate Gothic), Neiman Marcus (Monotype Corsiva) and Caution (Impact). The idea of the assignment was to find a font that paired well with word and then annotate how the font added to the word. 

Visu 1100 post 3

Steve Mccurry is a photographer known for his amazing photos that can be seen in National Geographic. He has always been a photographer that I admired because of his amazing photos of bringing the unseen to be seen. His work is centered around human struggles and the happiness in people’s everyday life. He is know to travel all over the world and really get to know the life of the people he is photographing.

One of my favorite sets he has done is called the world rides. It focuss on how around the world everyone rides bikes that’s it something we all have in common. Each one of his pictures in this set tells its own story. I really admire that everything he does tells a touching story without words.

I recently discovered that he has a blog that I now want to follow. I really like his work because it doesn’t hold anything back and tells the real story of real life and doesn’t filter anything.

The two photos I decided to share were because of the emotion it shows and of the story they tell. Each one is raw in its own way and it cuts away at the world problems and shows how bad people really have it in life. Not just the old but even the young too.

When doing my research I used National Geographic, Steve Mccurry’s blog and New York Times.class download2

Gestalt #1

As I walked up and down congress the one thing I noticed was culture. So as i began taking pictures the I caught my self talking pictures of the unique signs and billboards I saw. In a way I didn’t really have a theme but I took pictures of the beauty in Austin.

The pictures that chose to be my favorite were because they were the ones that I felt turned out the best. Although this picture reminded me of my brother and I. We would listen to music together and one song we would always “jam” together was Wish You Were Here by Incubus. to me it was a sign because i had been missing him lately.img_3429.

Graphic design refelection

Looking at the video and reading the essay got me thinking about what all graphic design really means. As I read more I learned that graphic design isn’t something you just do for creativity but to cultivate. One example that really stood out to me is when they talked about how the palms of our hands is designed as a tool for water. I had never thought of it that way it brought a whole new meaning to graphic design to me. It showed me that everywhere you looked required some type of design element that we as humans had to access that creative side of ourselves to become designers.

Also in the video she talked about her family and the influences that came from her being creative and i never really noticed that I too had those same influences in my life. My grandmother being an art teacher, and my brother being a musician creativity was all around me .