Mid Term Reflection

This first semester has been a challenge for me. I am taking three Fine Art classes and it can be difficult with all the home work to make time for practice time and accumulate expert hours. With the time I have had to practice I use practicing making graphics or sometimes just doodling using the wcom trying to get to know it better. This semester was the first time I have really dug into Illustrator and started to experience all the things it can do. I hope to make more time to get the feel of it and intend on making at least an hour a day to practice my craft outside of homework or classwork.

The sophistication of my work in my eyes has improved. At the start if even last semester I was not confident in any of my skills. I would put things together and completely scrap it in the end and give up on my practice . Now I feel like my work and the way I design has found unity.  When I say unity I mean when I design at least most of the time my work is focused and flows in one way and is not scattered. I also think thanks to practice hours my work has become more simple. I before would make things that would become complicated and take fore ever to create but now I know how to use certain tools to simplify my work and make the a lot out of a little.

I think it is important to listen to feedback and to really ingest what is being said. I also think that sometimes you need to know when to adjust to the critique and when to keep true to your style. There will be times when people don’t like your work but it is your style and you have accomplished a lot with your style. going back to taking the critique when you do change it change it to something that you like and adjust to your audience.  I think personally I have dealt with it pretty well. I rather people be hard on me because if not I don’t feel like I will get anywhere with my work.

When it comes to expert experience I have two that I can think of. the first one being my etsy shop that I have. I make invitations and greeting  cards. This is something new that I just started this past year and I hope to launch it with this next few months .The next thing that I have been doing is creating a family cookbook and a lot of the graphics for the book are being made on illustrator. I had actually started this book a little over a year ago and I gave up on it because I wasn’t well equipped with my tools I hope to finish the book by January and distribute it to family.

Social emotional development is important to me because I notice I base a lot of my work on the things that are going on around me. For example With my photography if i am having a hard week it reflects in my work my pictures turn out a little more darker. With graphic design when I have a balanced week and I tend to design more open and freely. My friends play a role in my design too. A lot of the time when have all been together they inspire me both for photography and graphic design. A lot of the time before I turn in a project they are the first ones I turn to for a critique.

My personality adds to the class room climate because I try to be engaged and informational.  I wanna help bring color to the class and not be just another class that is required. I hope that I add to conversations in positive ways and that my feedback to others is helpful and useful.



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