Final Mock up book

img_1350When doing this book I was helping other students with printing who was having trouble. I found that by doing this it helped me when doing my printing because by time I printed mine out printing wise I had no trouble. I witnessed other peoples book be completed cropped or the orientation be wrong and I helped them figure out what was wrong. We all go to learn together what was wrong. When it came to stapling I was a little off  but when it came to cutting i had a hard time a lab monitor helped me but she didn’t really do a good job explaining how things worked so I messed up some. As you can see in the picture some whit is still visible and the cutting was semi crooked.

Extra credit blog

The two Girls that last came in to talk to us was really cool. I especially found interest in the one who got a job at Kendra Scott.

It was cool to see that her perserverance really did pay off. She contacted so many people in the end it all worked out for her. Even though she says she still doesn’t know what she wants to do with her life I think where she is at is pretty amazing for being so young.

After the seminar I took a moment to go talk to her about interning at Kendra Scott. She told me it was tough to get in but I am wanting to work hard so that this summer i can get the position. It is really cool for me to see all these guest speakers and see where they have been and basically sitting in the same spot I am in and how far they have come. It gives me hope that that WILL be me in 5 years from now.