Blog post 11

Bills Pictures were really inspiring. I love looking at his work and interpreting it. It was really cool to see what possible things that I could do in the future.

As for Hollis it amazed me on how big of projects she does and how far she goes to get it done. I love the fact that she uses her past as her inspiration.

Joe Made me laugh when he said he didn’t consider himself an artist because sometimes it is hard for me to do the same thing.

Alex gave me a new look on to things especially the fact that her and Hollis share a studio together.

I really like Tammie and how she uses everyday items to create abstract pieces that make you want to touch them but you really can’t.

Over all it really inspired me that they all could do what they loved and still teach their craft to others. It really is amazing that they chose to do this with their lives. they really do all impact us and it is a wonderful thing.

My five year plan

I hope after college to apprentice under someone or even work with my internship for a long term. While doing that I hope to do lots of free lancing. While I do not plan on living in Austin my life I hope to travel and take my camera with me and impact the world with my photography. Even maybe one day have a magazine similar to National Geographic.

I believe that all I need to do this is have faith in myself and never lose sight of the end goal. Taking everything I have learned and applying it. Getting resources and keeping good contacts will also be very important as well.

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