Visual 1100 post 8

The counselor that came in was really helpful. It made me realize that I need to really start thinking about not only next semester but sophomore year as well. Even though I know what I want to do with my future I need to also plan for a emergency back up plan as well.

If I decide to travel abroad I would go to Denmark or England. Ever since I was little that has been something I have wanted to do. Also the beauty in both places i think would be amazing to capture and record with photography.

I am actually apart of a lot of groups right now! I am a CABRA member as a photographer. I am also in Hilltop Hospitality. Recently i became Photodirector for a new organization on campus called Spoon university. It teaches college students not only how o eat better but how to cook on a budget. I like to think of it as a Tasty and Buzzfeed mix!

Blog 7 visu1100

I really related to Camille Dolans well mostly because I could not understand Abbas. She too is a graphic designer and I hope one day I can do things similar to what she has done. She also really surprised me because of how above and beyond she went for her senior project. Her Lucile project had a great concept and she brought herself to her work and I really loved that. The most valuable thing I got from her was not  necessarily said but implied. I came away with the knowledge that any work you do is important even if the internship is paid or not it is valuable experience. Also you can go so many different places with just one degree that almost anything is possible.


I had tried watching Memento before but i could never get into it. I always really confused me but now that i know the sequencing was supposed to be off i could better understand the movie. I think know it made the movie more interesting by telling the story in a backward fashion it added more suspense to the movie. I like how it slowly revealed things about the character that help build the plot. After watching this movie I am interested in watching the other movies if they are anything like this one when it come to sequencing.


blog 6 visu1100

For each class ask yourself the following:

  1. My greatest strengths in visual studies include: is the photography aspect.
  2. For greater success in this course, I need to: practice on my analogue projects more.

Computer skills:

  1. My computer skills include: Work really well with photoshop and indesign.
  2. I still need to learn: i would like to learn more about lightroom and illustrator.

Research & writing skills:

  1. My greatest strengths as a researcher/writer include: interviewing process is what i do best.
  2. I need to work on these aspects of research and writing: the writing part really challenges me. I need to be more creative with my detail.
  3. I learn best & accomplish most when: I am alone and have clear mind.


I could practice more outside of class

Ask for more help.

Do research on how to use my tools better.

Not worry so much on what others think.

Have confidence.

Talk to professor.

And honestly I really don’t know how I could do better in general art is challenging for me.

Harmony Final

Doing the last two i tried to take your last critiques and not go over board with thing yet still challenge myself. There were many times when I was over it and just wanted to stop because i got confused with what I was doing but I didn’t because i knew in the long run it would turn out okay. There is something about aAustin that attracts me to wanting to work with it so my two designs deal with the city its self. I have really learned to like the projects because after I am done with them i have really learned to like what I have done. Even if I others didn’t it has taught me that my work is my own.harmony harmony-2

Viu1100 post 5

img_0604img_0603This project was one of the more frustrating projects I had. It took a lot of time, and I ended up doing the wrong thing. We were supposed to create a collage and dig deeper into the pictures.

The strongest part of my past work is my use of lighting. The weakest part of the project was that I was unsure about what I was doing but it ended up really well. In the back of the picture there were some objects that were not supposed to be there if I would have cropped them out it would have been a great picture!

visu-1100 post four

I thought it was really cool seeing the upperclassmen work.To me it felt like a look into the future and what possibly my future holds. When Faith started talking about her work and how far she has come it really inspired me. I hope that at some point that i get to be on the same level as her when it comes to photography and how much she has done with it. The graphic designer was really cool as well. She too already has a lot going for her. I really would like to go into a business like she did for her internship. Even though I could not connect with the Art major as much as i would like I understood her because of the struggles she had is almost what I feel like I am going through. I think it is amazing to become an art teacher.My grandmother was an art teacher and I learned alot from her. The two gamers were really cool as well. I know it is hard to use programs like they use and I think it is so amazing how they have learned how to use them and do great things with it.
Adhemas Batista has a really cool portfolio. His work is so colorful and the way he uses a simple layout balances his work. It is simple and easy for people to navigate the page, and he really lets his work speak for itself.
Another person’s portfolio I really liked is a lady named Rosie lee. She separates her work into news related and work related. Even though it looks really complex to navigate it really is not.
I really liked studio art port not only do they showcase there work really well they market themselves. They also used a blog to help inform people more about their work as well.
Lastly Olly Gibbs has a really cool site. I think the colors pull me in. I really like that most of the portfolio is more of moving designs and it is an interactive website.